+NIGGER License


The +NIGGER License is a license modifier that requires the inclusion of the word "NIGGER" in the LICENSE file.


By including the word "NIGGER" in a LICENSE file that must be distributed with the software you will ensure:


Include the following text in any compatible LICENSE file:
The above copyright notice, this permission notice and the word "NIGGER" shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

Example Licenses


Do I need to include "NIGGER" in my code?

No, the inclusion of the LICENSE file is enough. The +NIGGER modifier has no legal significance for any license that already requires redistribution of the LICENSE file.


The word "NIGGER" was chosen as it is deemed heretical in the west regardless (or lack) of context.

Can I add +NIGGER to licenses that don't require LICENSE file redistribution?

This is discouraged since it would result in +NIGGER having legal significance.

Is +NIGGER compatible with (A)GPL?

Inclusion of additional legal notices is allowed under ยง7(b) of the (A)GPL assuming they do not infringe on any of the freedoms granted to the user by the license.

What if someone removes the modifier?

Cancel them on Twitter for using code derived from heresy.